Todd Ritsema
Director - Creative Digital UI UX Experience Designer - XR

I provide leadership, strategy, and vision for creative dreams on digital platforms.

My Experience

I am a 3-time Emmy nominated designer that has been creating in the entertainment industry for several years.

I have worked on a wide range of projects with clients such as Zynga, Universal, Fox Entertainment, Chaco, Lucas Films, MTV Network, Walt Disney, Hush Puppies, HBO Entertainment, Showtime, Apple Itunes, Amazon, Pepsi Corp, and Affliction Clothing.

My eye and creative talent are changing how people are looking at the interactive medium, while my Michigan roots have influenced my strong and honest work ethic and desire to WOW each and every client.

Lead UI UX
1 Year
Creator Video AR VR MR
10 Years
Lead Video AR VR MR
2 Years
Lead UI UX
2 Years

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